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We both worked w/ John Janaszak & Team!! They are all extremely focused w/ their work and provided steller customer service!!! Ours cars turned out fantastic and we were so impressed with their work! The front line ladies were incredible to work with and they have such a streamlined process the whole way through!!! We would recommend them to anyone!! Keep up the good work!

Tamara Burch & Sarah Nasset

Someone scratched the back bumper of my one year old Audi.Dealership recommended Raymond’s and another auto body shop. Went to the other place first and was given a very pricey estimate for a scratch with no dent(s). Went to Raymond’s not expecting anything different. Joel Slomkowski takes a look, hands buffs it up , adds some touch paint and it looks fantastic !! Get this, he doesn’t charge me. It was Friday afternoon , Joel asks me to come back so they could use a buffer and get it looking even better( I did and it does). Wouldn’t consider ever going anywhere else.

Dana Moorhead

Raymond Auto Body employees carry out their mission statement in the service given to their customers.
Competent, prompt with service, generous with their time and they are good at what they do.
They fully describe what needs to be done and how much it will cost. They give the customer options so you can decide what to do.

Shirley Espeland

Craig and Dustin, plus the entire staff I dealt with were geniuenly engaged with the entire process to repair the damage to my 2016 Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet’s rear bumper and tail light assembly. They kept me informed of progress, parts availability and job completion. The left rear tail light assembly was not available in the US at the time of the repair and Dustin was able to track down a near new assembly in California. When I picked up my Porsche it had been detailed to showroom condition both in and out! I asked Dustin for a bottle of touch up paint to repair a small chip near the rear Cabriolet top housing. He informed me that he discovered it and repaired it during the repaint of the rear bumper. This is the kind of attention to detail I experienced and feel that they must do for every customer regardless of the make or model of vehicle. Well Done in all respects. Thanks for everything.

Marty Noonan

Yesterday, June 11, 2019, marked the second anniversary of the huge storm that blew through Blaine with devastating results. Golf ball sized hail caused tremendous damage to trees and homes, but nothing upset me more than when it totaled my husband’s Porsche Boxster S. My husband passed away 11 years earlier and my children and I cherished this car as a fond remembrance. Every surface of that car was damaged. Every piece of glass was shattered, both the front and back windshield was destroyed and huge 2 inch dents covered not only the top of the vehicle but the sides as well. The insurance company took one look at it and wrote the check. But we bought it back and towed it to Jason and Raymond Auto Body. The instructions were simple. Take your time, work on it when you’re able and let us know when it’s done. The results were incredible. It looks brand new. We couldn’t be happier! We would certainly recommend Jason and his team for any of your auto body needs!!

Mary Breen

I stopped in to get an estimate on some chip repairs and I not only received an estimate but one of the guys came out and brush touched the chips so they didn’t get any worse. Amazing place!!

Steve Levy

I picked up Ruby today and was extatic to have her back. Thank you all for all your awesome work and customer service! My parents and I have been coming to you for over 20 years and have never been dissatisfied. I think that says a lot. Thanks to the detailer’s for organizing my trunk, I had to giggle when I saw that. Keep up the awesome work that you do.

Jenne Siltberg

Recently had the pleasure of working with Bob Holman on repairs to my fine old toy (1998 BMW 228i black convertible). He assessed the situation, explored possible remedies and stayed in touch while the work progressed…then promptly letting know when the work was completed. This is exactly what my family and many friends have grown to anticipate and expect. You… are one classy organization !

Jerry Quinn

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