From disaster to perfection!

Yesterday, June 11, 2019, marked the second anniversary of the huge storm that blew through Blaine with devastating results. Golf ball sized hail caused tremendous damage to trees and homes, but nothing upset me more than when it totaled my husband’s Porsche Boxster S. My husband passed away 11 years earlier and my children and I cherished this car as a fond remembrance. Every surface of that car was damaged. Every piece of glass was shattered, both the front and back windshield was destroyed and huge 2 inch dents covered not only the top of the vehicle but the sides as well. The insurance company took one look at it and wrote the check. But we bought it back and towed it to Jason and Raymond Auto Body. The instructions were simple. Take your time, work on it when you’re able and let us know when it’s done. The results were incredible. It looks brand new. We couldn’t be happier! We would certainly recommend Jason and his team for any of your auto body needs!!