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Four Generations
And Going Strong!

I like being a part of one big family that has great spirit and a lot of energy.
The people here have great attitudes, which makes it possible to keep getting better.
This is a family business where it is hard to tell who is the owner - we're all just a part of the family.
At Raymond the customer always comes first. That’s a priority I can get behind everyday.
I am proud to be a part of a team that delivers this level of care and customer satisfaction.
Around here, doing the job right always comes first. Or was it coffee first and then doing the job right?
Being part of a team that is striving to be the best makes coming to work far more rewarding.
When you get to fix a person’s car, it’s a lot like fixing a part of that person… which makes work a lot more fun.
Working at an independent shop like Raymond means never having to say I am sorry. Here we just plan on doing it right from the start.
After years of pedaling collision center software, joining Raymond gave me the chance to get back in the shop and join the family.
Having been a serial customer, I was familiar with the Raymond culture. So when it came time for a “sane” job, I knew this was where I wanted to be.
The fact that Raymond is a family-owned business with a great reputation for quality keeps us busy and makes it fun.
Raymond is widely known as the best of the best, so when the opportunity to join the team opened up, I was all in.
I joined Raymond in 1996 to learn from the best. Today I am proud to be one of the best, and I am still learning.
I love seeing the joy and amazement on my client’s faces when they get their beautifully restored car back. It’s like giving someone a new car every day.
I love working with a team of people who share a passion for cars and treating each other well.
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Manufacturer Recommended and certified

For these major brands and many more! Click to learn more.

Manufacturer Recommended and certified

Our technicians are factory trained in aluminum welding and structural repairs. We are the only collision facility in the 5 state area certified by Mercedes Benz, Audi and Porsche.

In order to become a certified repair facility for these great brands, we’ve had to go through extensive training in the art and techniques for their unique repair and restoration needs. We’ve installed state of the art equipment and computer systems…many of which are unique to specific brands. We’ve also made an ongoing commitment to annual training and re-certification. Click on a logo to learn more about the manufacturer’s Certification Process.

Although the processes to earn these certifications has been long and costly, it’s an investment we’ve gladly made to remain the leader in Twin Cities auto body repair. It’s an investment we’ve made to assure you, our customer that we’re the right choice in auto body repair – no matter what you drive.

Our entire staff is pledged and dedicated to our mission:

With God’s help and our steadfast commitment to integrity, we will continue to develop a team of exceptional people commited to providing an exceptional customer experience.


Claims handling, our way

At Raymond Auto Body our goal is to restore your peace of mind – then we fix your car. After an accident, the last thing you need is to run around getting estimates, arranging rental cars, dealing with insurance companies and all of that stuff that just consumes your time.

Our process is much simpler. You merely call your insurance company and give them the details of your claim and tell them you’re taking your car to Raymond Auto Body. Next, drop your car off at Raymond, or if need be we’ll pick it up. We take care of the rest – we’ll get you into a rental car and back on the road — usually within 20 minutes or less. Next, we inspect your car, detail the damages, provide an estimate to your insurance provider, meet with their adjusters and get their approval to begin repairing your car.

Then the magic begins. We’ll get your car back to good as new condition, and along the way your personal service provider keeps you up to date on your vehicles status. You’ll notice throughout the process you’ve had to do nothing but notify your insurance company. We’ve taken care of everything else. The only thing left is the “wow” moment. That’s when you pick up your car and say, “Wow! It’s never looked this good!”

Need proof? Click here and see what others have said about their Raymond Auto Body experience.

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After Hours Towing Services

If it is during regular business hours, Mon-Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm please call us directly to arrange for Towing.

IF it is after hours click the button below to contact our after hours towing service.